Arcanum Unlocked

Final Dining Roomsg

CR8 Entrancesg

This concept starts with it’s definition; A deep secret, mystery or knowledge known only to a selected few. There were things that I personally found very curious or baffling and each one resonated a chord of mystery within myself. So much so, that Arcanum needed a voice through CR8. I noticed a difference in my myself with this CR8. I needed to approach and express the concepts differently. I wanted to go deeper in creativity and food and flavor connections. This took me 4 months to finish 8 concepts. I knew this one would be unique.

Final Dining Roomsg

The secret lair in dining form.

Arcanum Dining Roomsg Crop

Arcanum Dining Room3sg crop

Arcanum Dining Room2sg Crop

Joy Setupsg Crop

Joy Rondello, the mastermind of this web of mysterious form. An environment to nurture and emphasis the encased diner during the courses of cryptic experiences.

Yuri lightssg Crop

New creations by Yuri Kinoshita; incredibly rare fabrics from Japan woven beyond precision; released from her mind, soul and touch.

Yuri Setupsg Crop

Rob Tablesg Crop Rob The Mansg Crop

Rob Hendrickson; making adjustments to an ever evolving dining table.  It is now complete and exercising strength and brilliance.

Hering Platessg Crop

Hering Berlin; The blank canvas in porcelain form acting as the ultimate stage for a chef to engage and release edible bliss.

Andreas Setupsg Crop

Andreas Fabian; spoon designer extraordinaire.

Jenya Boxes Crop

Jenya designs with their beautiful box invitations sent out to people attending.

ArcanumGuestssg Crop

The guests arrive.

SD2sg Crop

Sarah Dooley, my right hand girl through the entire event. Amazing attention to detail.

Andreas1sg Crop

A key factor in using the beautiful and unorthodox pieces that I have; is too explore its functions in ways of bringing new sensations to the diner.  With this course called “Elixir Ceremony”, The spoon starts in an upright position starting the ceremony.

Shirene setupsg Crop

Shireen hand caring for every detail.

Emerald Ceremonysg Crop

This concept called “Elixir Ceremony” was inspired by the secrets of the people that live in the Wudan Mountains. They say they have secrets to many things including an Elixir that creates immortality.

This dish is composed of Fermented artichoke milk, black truffle elixir, shiromiso corn waffle, radish flowers

Elixersg Crop

Liquid as black as night.

Ceremony Mainsg Crop

The first step, is to pour in the black truffle elixir and using the handle, swirl it in to mend with the fermented artichoke milk.

CeremonyGuests2sg Crop

Ceremony Guestssg Crop  Ceremony5sg Crop

Jason Price, drinking the ceremony.


La Jeune Martyre painted by Paul Delaroche in 1855. The last painting he ever did less than a year before he died. It completely enchants me each time I stare at it in the Louvre.  The great mystery; No one will ever know who this woman is and what happened to her. I felt compelled to pay homage to her.

La Jeune Martyre1sg Crop

La Jeune Martyre: Albacore belly, rose petal textural, wild scallion root, gelee de jambon, puffed einkorn, candied lemon peel

La Jeune Closesg Crop


Kintsugi: The ancient art of restoring broken bowls, art, etc by piecing it back together with various elements such as gold. Even though the techniques for this were secret for centuries, what struck me as incredible is the concept of something being more beautiful for being broken. So, I decided to take a piece of wood and break it into 4 pieces. Putting it back together, I had 4 components; wood, smoke, fire, ash. This was the building block vision for this dish.

Kintsugi2sg Crop

Kintsugi: Alderwood cream, smoked chicken dashi, fire glazed cherry tomatoes, leek ash egg yolk, and pine oil leaves

Kintsugi Halfsg Crop

Pouring smoked chicken dashi from beautiful porcelain.


Forbidden: Inspired by the mystery of one of the greatest stories of all time; Adam and Eve. Scholars and theologians have argued about this for centuries. From an apple to a pomegranate, quince and even a grape. I chose the other speculated fruit; the fig. This mystery evolved into other forbidden ingredients and poetically played out in my mind and palate with great pleasure.

Forbiddensg Crop

Forbidden: Foie gras egg, fig yolk, burnt liquid alliums, pickled young ginger, hibiscus leaves and tonka bean.

Forbiden Opensg Crop

The foie gras egg cut revealing soft fig.

Brioche Secretsg Crop

To enhance the dish, Seeded Brioche en Secret, made with an array of ancient grains like spelt, kamut, millet and hard winter wheat.

Guests Brioche2sg Crop

Each diner is served their own brioche and stands to hover over it as it is opened to capture it’s full aroma.

Brioche Unwrappingsg Crop

Frequency; If you want to find the secrets of the universe: think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration-Nikola Tesla

This is one of the universe most incredible mysteries. How does it work and is it true? The impact of this knowledge has had incredible insight on me personally. With the power of binary beats (The sound waves that carry the frequencies) I have seen their effects.

528hz (the frequency of the earth, human DNA, and love), 126.22 The Sun (they call the perfect frequency). Dr. Masaru Emoto has proved that just with our different thought vibrations we can alter the energy of water just by writing words on the glass holding the water. I have changed the frequency of the ingredients in this course, using the 2 frequencies above. Thus impacting the diner on a vibrational level, and hopefully happier!

photo 4

Frequency: Complex maroon, coffee, carnaroli rice, licorice, chanterelles

In The Name Of Crop

In The Name Of: An homage to the secret recipes of the great monks of Europe and Nuns of Mexico. After great thought, I landed on creating a mole, so I created a sauce and promise to never reveal the secret, just as they do.

In The Name Of Crop

In The Name Of: Hazelnut squash blossom mole, buttermilk gel, young hen confit, carrot


Dragon Lady, a concept derived from a story I read about a woman named Madame Nhu. The first lady of Vietnam around the time of the Vietnam War. What struck me, was she was apparently the cause of the entire war. Kennedy said “That goddamn bitch”,  “She’s responsible … that bitch stuck her nose in and boiled up the whole situation down there. “Nicknamed “the Dragon Lady,” she remains one of the most memorable, most demonized, and most mysterious figures of the entire Vietnam War period. Very bold, strong, feminine, and glamorous. All with a Vietnamese flair. She grew up speaking and writing in French, so I will add a French elegance to the dish as well.

Dragon Lady Mainsg Crop

Dragon Lady, BB Ranch Short Rib in the Vietnamese style, whipped Jasmine flowers, sake cured caviar, coconut, charred radish, pickled cucumber

Dragon Lady3sg Crop

Close your eyes and taste the creamy jasmine flowers.

Tea Vert2sg Crop

It was an honor to collaborate with one of the best tea companies in the world called Tea Vert. They recently were asked to be part of the Madrid Fusion and were honored with a design award for their uniqueness.  Working one on one with Slava Simontov, we chose a tea presentation and amazing Oolong tea to accompany this dish.


Slate Sidamosg Crop

My friend Chelsey Walker Watson of Slate Coffee pulled an espresso for me and said, you need to taste this. It was pulled with Sidamo Ethiopian coffee and it’s flavor profile was gorgeous. The flavors stayed with me for a few days and I began to study that coffee region. I stumbled upon a legend of the origin of coffee, and it was from the same area. The story of Kaldi, the goatherd that noticed his goats acting strangely when they ate these red berries from a bush.  The rest is history. I wanted to create a dessert that mimicked the various smells and tastes I experienced in this Sidamo espresso. Each person was pulled the same Sidamo espresso by Sarah Dooley, to ensure a perfect experience with the sucrose dish.

Kaldi2sg Crop

Kaldi: Whipped popcorn, compressed apricot gelee, sudachi caramel, strawberry textures, popcorn powder, lemon mint

Kaldi4sg Crop


The end of the experience winds down.

Me and Guestssg Crop

I was incredibly happy with CR8 Arcanum, so much that I would call it the most creative fun I have ever had in a dining expression.

MeKensg Crop

Most grateful to Ken Lee, sous chef and assistant through it all. Couldn’t have done it without you my friend!

Mikuni Syrupsg Crop

Thanks to Tyler Gray for his amazing products from Mikuni Wild Harvest


Special thanks to Eliza from ChefShop , only the best products in Seattle!

Mallet Kitchensg Crop

Mallet Kitchen, what a great kitchen and event space! I will be there again!

The next concept is already in the works and wait and see who I will be collaborating with on this one! Stay tuned



UnNatural Seattle

UnNatural Seattle

A slight anxiety arises as I commit to this new CR8. This is my first CR8 Dining Installation since I left Los Angeles last year.  I live in a new city, Seattle, and starting all over again comes with the territory.  So here we go…

me forestsm

 The Concept: UnNatural

I started noticing things that I was attracted to in the natural world were elements inconsistent with natural law. A deviation from what was normal, which was bringing out curiosity and beauty where I was not expecting it. This in turn became a conundrum of the senses. Yet to embrace these unorthodox states is to expand expectation and drift into an alternative state of appreciation.

 The UnNatural Dining Environ:

UnNatural Dinerssg

UnNatural Setting

UnNatural diners4sg

UnNatural Setting1shortsg

UnNatural Setting2sg

UnNatural Setting Long shortsg

UnNatural Table setupsg

Table Settingsg

The Designers:

It was important to me to find a group of designers in Seattle.  Now that Seattle is home to CR8, I want to be as local as possible whenever possible.

Yuri PortraitsYuri Kinoshita,  Easily Seattle’s most exciting lighting designer works closely with the team to make a beautiful lighting expression.


Rob Portraits
Rob Hendrickson of OneWorks custom designed this incredible dining table just for the event. His creativity with wood, glass, steel and iron are evident.

Robs table endsg                     The final masterpiece.

Joy PortraitsJoy Rondello Using her incredible interior design vision, we were able to create a dining scenario that we felt expressed our concept of UnNatural.

UnNatural Setting DaybwsgThe dining scene with finishing touches.

Stefanie HeringStefanie Hering and Hering Berlin: Hering makes the most beautiful porcelain i’ve ever seen.  It’s the perfect artistic platform for me to catapult my cuisine into beautiful realms.  Thank you Hering!

AndreasAndreas Fabian  No one knows spoons like Andreas Fabian.  His designs and extensive research on dining continue to contribute new experiences for CR8.

KB CutlerysgKatja Bremkamp One of the world’s best cutlery designers!

roberto menusgGetting organized. Photo by Tim Mar

Organization UnNatural A sea of design wonders and my ever so necessary PolyScience Circulator.

The UnNatural Dishes:

L'eau d'orange vertesg

I discovered a bottle of shampoo made by Hermes.  According to the bottle, it is made from the water of a green orange, basically an unripe orange. It is also the scent of one of their elusive perfumes. I was curious and believed that it probably didn’t smell very good.  I opened the bottle and to my surprise, it was incredible. For weeks I thought of why they would take an unripe fruit, which is usually discarded or thought of as imperfect, and make it into something precious.  I was inspired to create a dish based on this scent and approach to the their UnNatural expression.

Hermes Flowerssg

The dish is called Fleur D’Hermes: Beet panna cotta, green orange perfume, wood yogurt, pickled mustard seeds, bee pollen, beet glass.

The guests are given their plates, then a bouquet of Calla Lilies is placed in the center of the table. To their surprise, they were instructed to take a flower from it, and pour their edible green orange perfume onto their plates to complete the dish.  The dish was sweetened completely with honey from killer bees.

Hermes Flower pour2sg

Fleur d'Hermes Flower1crop

Fleur d'Hermes Flower2crop



Is this Wonderland?: Uni veloute, lime leaf, avocado tartare,  steelhead sake caviar, jalapeno snow, chive oil, pickled muscat grapes

I had been thinking of these flavors before in context of a salad. I sat down to watch The Matrix and by the end of the movie I had finalized this dish. Why is it that one person looks at life and see’s nothing more than a series of boring and mundane acts that make up a day.  Yet another person can see a different world looking through the same 2 eyes.  Is it UnNatural to choose our own truth?Wonderland2sg



Zeal 8:Smoked ember guanciale, barley & seaweed consomme gelee, liquid sunchoke, douglas fir brioche

Upon reading a story on the 7 deadly sins, there was talk of an 8th sin known which concerned passion.  It spoke of removing this feeling from our lives and hearts to truly spiritually advance.  I immediately realized how this was the most UnNatural feeling for me to not have.  The flavor of the guanciale alone made me ooze with passion.


Spirit of tea macrosg

The Spirit of Tea: Homemade Tofu Misozuke, Assam tea dashi bouillon, pickled radish, apple, ginger, Hibiscus flowers, scallion flowers, Golden Yunnan crisp

The Japanese and India have for many centuries consumed tea.  Their disciplines lead them to even have ceremonies just to honor it’s flavor and meaning.   Tea is to be appreciated and enjoyed alone to appreciate the leaves in it’s simplicity and perfection.  CR8 will explore it’s own UnNatural combination of several teas in one dish.

I tasted Tofu Misozuke in Singapore while doing a guest chef stint at 2am lab with Janice Wong and Jonathan Sparber.  It was an unforgettable flavor.  It is currently not available in the states, so I took on the 2 month task of making my own for this event.

Spirit of tea9sg

Spirit of tea8sg

Brandon GeishasgRight in the middle of the dinner, a special diversion manifested.

I had tasted a rare and special coffee called Geisha with Edwin Martinez of Onyx Coffee Bar. I found it to be so wonderful I created a dish to be paired with it.  So we had Brandon Paul Weaver of Slate Coffee Roasters brew it table-side whilst describing it’s preciousness and flavor profiles. Under the cloak of UnNatural dining, we stopped all wine flowing and intervened with Geisha Coffee. Thanks for the custom roasting Seth!


The Geisha Project: Peking style trumpet royale mushrooms,  pear, nutmeg, chicken skin, lemongrass carnaroli risotto. Served with a glass spoon of Geisha Coffee.


Death of Czar: BB Ranch pork cheek, black truffle, cinnamon oil, ash, umami caramel lacquered parsnip, pork heart, arugula blossoms

Is it UnNatural to appreciate the gift of death?  To holistically embrace a living creature and recognize the importance of it’s flesh and parts to feed and nurture others.  With this comes great responsibility and the pig was butchered especially for this dish.

Czar closeupsg

UnNatural czar setupsgDetailing the Czar trays.

Andreas GhostspoonsgPouring a special blend of a rooibos tea mixture with rare mountain rose apple in ghostspoons.


Synthetic Chihuly:Coconut, rooibos & rose petal, lemongrass buttermilk,  frozen sake (in a faux flower glass bowl)

Synthetic; An element made by synthesis or artificially made to imitate a natural product.  The work of Dale Chihuly in it’s UnNatural forms and contours magnify the impossible and take form in the most fragile of states. This is my edible inspiration.

Chihuly1sgThe coconut cream was made to mimic rubber in texture.

Chihuly Sake Bowlsg

Geisha Sake Bowl3sgAn ice flower bowl was created by Jenya designs to house the frozen sake that each diner spooned onto their plates.


UnGaudi: Chile ancho escabeche, sweet goatcheese, IPA sabayon, Noble maple syrup, tapioca

Antoni Gaudí was an architect born in 1852 in Catalonia, Spain.  His works were influenced by Oriental, Persian, Indian and even Mayan cultures.  He is one of the few people who’s work has no time frame.  To see his work now, you would not know if it was 200 years old or 1,400 years from the future.  One of the rarest UnNatural gifts is to be able to transcend one’s work in a context void of time.

UnGaudi dinersg

roberto explanationsgExplaining details of the dish about to be presented.                                                Photo by Tim Mar

UnNatural MenuThe UnNatural Menu is handed out to the guests at the end of the dinner.  The only way to read it is to hold it up to a mirror.

The Artisans and Beyond:

Mikuni TylerWorking closely with Tyler Gray of Mikuni Wild Harvest to acquire rare, specific and wonderful ingredients for each course. His suggestions and knowledge helped me to pinpoint the perfect flavors. One of the most important companies for every chef who needs the absolute best items and personal attention!

Tyler photo by Grant Harder.

William Lockersg William Von Scheneidau of BB Ranch in Seattle for his highly prized pork.  Building a wonderful relationship with this man and we will doing things together in the future!

*Special thanks to Eliza and ChefShop in Seattle for providing some of the best ingredients from around the world!

UnNatural Diners HappysgThat’s exactly what every chef wants to see.


UnNatural IsaacSpecial thanks to Chef Isaac Rivera for being my right hand man!  It would not have been possible to have such a fluid and fun experience without you!  Your the best!


UnNatural Crew2sg

Thanks to Shana Lynn Chester, Andrew Pierce, Jessica Vouk, Marianna Stepniewski, and Ken Lee for all your involvement and help.  I look forward to doing it again next time.

rob's table endsgAfter the storm.

A big thank you for the beautiful space at Bandia Rua, it was the perfect canvas to which I could paint my vision.

A very grateful thanks to Mataio and Jessica Gillis of Ciao Thyme, thanks for the help.

CR8 UnNatural proved to be a spectacular experience for me and everyone involved. I have made some wonderful new connections in the food, art, and design world and look forward to what the next CR8 will be.


The Importance of Spain

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spain post

Spain has been an extreme source of inspiration and admiration to me for the last 15 years.  Not necessarily because of Ferran Adria and the innovative work of El Bulli, but much much more.

Their forward and boundless thinking seems to lead this wonderful country ahead of many others in many forms of food, horticulture, art, design, and architecture.

Architecture, design and the minds behind their conceptual creations have always pushed me to think deeper and be more innovative.  Flavor as function and purpose of dining movements are important lessons I have learned from them.

So when Luis and the people of So Good magazine approached me to be in one of their issues, I was quite surprised.  I had followed them for several years, as some of the worlds top chefs in sweet and savory cuisine highlight some of their dishes, recipes and ideas.   I don’t work or have a restaurant so why would I be asked to occupy this gorgeous publication?  They had been following my dining group CR8 and loved my vision of dining. I enthusiastically answered yes and what was to follow surprised me even more.

photo-mood-117-valencia-spain-night-santiago-calatrava-photo-2 Santiago Calatrava, Valencia Spain                                                                                                   Photo:photomood

So Good Bnrsg

so good: #9 – January, 2013

After the so good issue was released,  I was approached again by the people at Groupo Vilbo to be in another one of their magazines called Dulcypas 

DulcypasbnrsgDulcypas Number 415

Then again I was asked to feature one of my creations in the upcoming “Chocolate Edition”.

Dulcypas ChocolateDulcypas Number 419: Especial Chocolate Edition

I’m seriously honored to be noticed by the people of Spain. So much as to look at me as someone doing something special, creative and considered out of the box passion.  Where I have always admired them for being the same way.

Sweet Celebration

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Jana Cake2sg

This was one of the most elaborate concepts and ideas I have ever had.  From the initial idea seeming “Undoable”, to coming to the realization that if I can envision it in my head, I can always find a way to manifest it. The project was simple…. I wanted to make a birthday cake for my girlfriend. Not just any cake, but a piece of edible art that was parallel to who she was and what she meant to me. Now the hard part, how do I go about creating and making this cake? This is where I pushed myself to make something magical. Complexity in Simplicity is what I was after, a mirroring of extremes that when engaged simultaneously, have a powerful effect upon the active participant. If successful, she would be very happy.

In addition, the cake was to be featured in the new Dulcypas Magazine from Spain!  So I began.

Jana Cake logo 12-38-06

Jana Cake 3sg

Flavors: Like with any traditional birthday, one often receives their favorite cake. In this instance, I took several of her favorite sweet flavors and then creatively morphed them into a birthday cake experience just for her.

Caramelized pecan cheesecake mousse

Homemade chocolate infused with cardamom cream

Bisquit de chocolat

Salted mission fig caramel

Dark chocolate paint

Jana moldsg

Cake Mold: I don’t like to use the traditional molds available on the market. I have worked with architects and designers in the past to custom design a mold in accordance to the overall concept of the cake. With this cake I sought out the work of Jenya Designs. A design company I discovered in the Northwest with an incredible creative talent for various items. They created the cake mold with a special texture, color and release mechanism for removing the cake.

Janas Cakesg

Jana cake box2sg

Cake Box: This cake could not be delivered in a paper box. I wanted to have a custom cake box that was fluid, organic and beautiful. Once again, Jenya Designs came through with this gorgeous piece of working art. It was made of various natural elements such as wood, handmade paper, metals and fabrics. We worked on various ideas and then they came to me with an innovative idea for opening the box as well as it’s structure, etc. I love working with people as creative as this!

Jana cake frontsg

Jana Cake box opensg

Jana cake in boxsg

Cake in box bwsg

making chocolate

Chocolate: I always use Amedei Chocolate, I love their purity and incredible flavors that come from every detail being embraced. But this time was different, I wanted to be as hands on with almost every ingredient that was to be used. So I started with raw cocoa beans and made my own chocolate. From roasting to grinding to blending and infusing with her favorite spice, cardamom. It was a liberating experience.

sugarcane chocolate cardamomsg

Natural Sugars2sg

Sweeteners: In the past year or so, I have been paying intense attention to chemically altered sweeteners. Not only do they have almost no nutritional value, but they are just empty in flavor and not good for us at all. I expanded my reach and explored the world of sweetness. I used raw organic sugar cane in it’s entirety, raw honey and honeycomb, demerara sugar, maple syrup and other pure sweeteners. This is something I will continue to explore from now on!


Jana Nest Decorsg

Chocolate Birds Nest, a simple and natural form of decor inspired by the wonderful photography of Amelia Fletcher. Her photography touches on various emotions in her portraits and nature work. I wanted to add a special feel to finalize the cake and with the unexpected inspiration of her work, I was able to deliver the perfect touch. Thanks Amelia!

JC Inside

Form and Function: The idea and construction of the cake, was to be able to taste every flavor, no matter how small or big a piece was cut from any of the 5 pieces. The 5 pieces though separate, still make up one uniform cohesive cake. After all, we are all made up of different personalities, ideas and perspectives, and we still remain as one. This project has taught me to always follow your creativity and most of all, never underestimate the power of giving.

For Jana….

Jana water

*All Photography by Roberto Cortez



Asian Culinary Adventure With 2am:lab

2am parasg

About 5 months ago I was contacted by Jonathan Sparber, the resident chef at 2am:lab in Singapore.  He asked if I was interested in being a guest chef and collaborating on several dining events there.  I was a bit surprised, I had no idea they even knew who I was.  After all, with no restaurant or permanent location, I was unclear to who knew about CR8.

They said they had been following my CR8 dining events, and loved the direction and dining concepts I was putting on and experimenting with.  I, in turn, had been following them for the better part of the last year as they were bringing in food artists and creative chefs where they too emphasized in conceptual dining.

2am:lab is the brain child of Janice Wong, who 5 years earlier opened 2am:dessert bar, a fantasy dessert bar,  where she showcases her incredible sucrose talents and mind blowing dessert interpretations.

I was to come to Singapore, taste the local cuisine and then use local products to create an 8 course tasting menu with them. The idea was extreme and I was inspired by the challenge.  No sending in recipes of some of my prior dishes, I was going in raw.  I suggested we come up with a concept and build a dinner around that.  After several skype meetings, the concept was born.  “Illustrious Magic”, The concept of traveling magicians from the last centuries, who were using their talents in illusion to entertain and amuse the crowd. Researching deep into the elements of magic, ritual, tradition, occult and mysticism.  I found the concept inspiring and I knew it would provide a creative platform for a special dining event.  So the collaboration began with combining styles to create a menu.  This proved to be exciting and very much resembled musicians jamming to make a song.  The music continued….

The towers where 2am:lab resides and the outside entrance to the lab.

Janice Wong, a pastry genius and a woman of many talents!

Jonathan Sparber, an accomplished and creative chef and amazing guy!  It was a pleasure creating dishes together with him.

Foraging in the rain for exotic flowers and herbs

Fruit tasting became a daily thing.

Honbushi, smoked and aged amberjack tuna.  Shavings from heaven………photo by Janice Wong

Filling pouches with edible rocks and filling cauliflower with curry brioche puree before resting in a bath of fried tempura……….photos by Janice Wong

Happiness and Zen in the kitchen……….photos by Janice Wong

All hands on deck and super focused.

Sunset before the guests arrive.

The entrance to the event was laden with eerie candles, and a peculiar arrangement of mannequin hands, they resembled hand movements of a magicians hands during spells and incantations.

Diners were engaged in spells, rituals and obscure directional dining as to complete the magical dining concept……….photos by Janice Wong

Interaction on all levels in action at the table……….photos by Janice Wong

Kingfish going through an elaborate process of curing to be featured in the first course, Sea Garden Spell.

Sea Garden Spell first course and served in a box.

Diners removed the lid and were handed a pouch of edible rocks to shake on top of the course, but not until they made their own private wish.

Sea Garden Spell: Kingfish cured in pomelo, sake and young ginger, jasmine rice cream, garden herb snow, puffed quinoa, pickled hibiscus flowers, young ginger gel.  Accompanying cocktail, cucumber and green tea water, champagne, passionfruit

Ritual: liquid pepper crab, 63C egg yolk, whipped citrus buttermilk, frozen peanut powder, curry leaf, galangal butter, spring onion, spoon made of Indonesian cinnamon bark

Mystical: Honbushi, yellow tail tuna shavings, miso cured egg yolks, soursap, bitter sphere, floral lemongrass oil

A local coffee shop and roaster named Jimmy Monkey, custom roasted 2 blends of coffee to be featured in the next course. (Fyi, they have a Slayer espresso machine and they pull stellar shots!)

Perceptive Illusion: Tofu misozuke noodle, acacia smoked shitake, candied mandarin peel, coffee zinfandel puree, fennel, multi grain crisp

Hallucination: Cauliflower textural, black olive paste, curried brioche puree, tempura, honeycomb

The Offering: The dark side of magic. Conceptually intertwining the element of supernatural magic of bird offerings and using a quail stuffed with it’s own diet and faux blood sauce.  The diners were to remove the black cloth to find the bird in Offering.

………photo by Janice Wong


Shaplessness: Rambutan snow, liquid avocado, aloe vera, honey, crispy banana, ginger flower bubbles, lime caramel

Pineapples with incredible flavor being prepped for the main dessert called Reflection.

Reflection: Dark chocolate textural, burnt pineapple, bamboo charcoal, sesame milk cremeaux, chili sesame prailine, anise greens. Served with a warm chai with vanilla spice butter.

It was served on two separate and separated dish pieces and placed on the dining table.  The diner needing to connect the pieces together for the finale.

The assembly of a chai cocktail………photos by Janice Wong

Special thanks to Janice and Jonathan and everyone at the Lab and the Dessert bar who helped make this event happen!

Intrigued and inspired by my journey to Asia in ways I still don’t understand.  In addition, the flavors of the street food is the best i’ve ever had.  The people I met, I now call them friends and i’m sure I will see them again.  Most importantly, a rare connection that touched my soul and surrounded my senses allowing an exploratory expression of visions, concepts and inspirational processes.  The best gift of all..







Savage Romanticism- Dining Extreme

CR8 Savage Banner

I believe it was about 8 months ago, I randomly saw a short documentary on Alexander McQueen, and his work on display at the Met in N.Y.C.  It only took 3 or 4 minutes to realize this was no ordinary Fashion Designer.  By the end of the video I was literally shaking with inspiration.  Why?  I know almost nothing about making clothes, nor the steps to design or much less make one.  Yet, I noticed details of his work and compositional designs as if I had never seen clothes ever before.  Even further, his creativity and his perception of beauty left a deep imprint within.

I investigated further by watching every interview and documentary, and even purchasing his book.  I had to know what drove him and who he was.  After a few months I started to work on a concept for the next CR8, it didn’t even have a chance, I immediately knew I had to express what I felt and learned from this genius.  The name and concept dripped from my fingers, through the pen, and onto the page.  I even knew how I was going to do it.  During this discovery, what resonated with me was the fact that he always expressed his creativity no matter at what cost or what anyone would think.  Prior, I had several ideas that I thought might be too much or not right for a dining concept.  All of these were now gone.  I no longer had any qualms about holding back what I wanted to do with dining and cuisine.  CR8’s Savage Romanticism was born!

The Genius himself

From Cover to Cover, the unraveling of his impeccable creative mind poured off the pages and absorbed into my every sense driving me deeper within myself, further than I have ever dared to go.

There was a darkness I have always found beautiful and inspiring and now was the time to show this in the design of the dining room and the dishes I was going to create for these dinners.

The entrance to the dining chamber.

Beautiful skull artistry by local Venice artist Cheryl Gazdik.

Expressing the fashion element in some way was a must.  I had the idea of covering the table in a beautiful and dark expression of fashion and photography.  My dear friend Katarzyna Widmanska had the perfect photo, with her “Queen of the Damned”, it graced the dining table and took everyone by surprise.

The final look!

Course One: part one: CEREMONIAL-Liquid 6 mushroom collage, Oloroso sherry, aged sherry, salt smoke

ROMANCE X: Whipped ham, compressed honey pineapple, pickled curry tapioca, leeks, horseradish

Amongst the many diners interactions throughout the dinner, being either with their own dish or someone else’s dish, they were asked to blindfold themselves to remove one sense.  Next, they had to shake two different canisters containing different ingredients.  By the sound and feel, they chose their topping to the course………Photo by Brian Palmer

Photo by Brian Palmer

SOPHISTICATION:  Kabocha Nimono Textural, smoked dashi gelee, parmesan sabayon, shallot

Dining tools consisting of Hering Berlin, Katja Bremkamp, Andreas Fabian designs

MYSTERIOUS: YIN/YANG-Scallop tartare, sudachi peel, frozen avocado, cranberry, dill oil, red quinoa, coconut butter

FORBIDDEN: SECRECY NO. 13, A diner creating his own design with Secrecy No.13 sauce consisting of white corn cob veloute infused with indonesian cinnamon oil………….Photo by Brian Palmer

ADDICTION:  Chocolate Drug 2012

A plethora of wine blankets the surface.

The perfect venue for this event was The Redd Collection.  This boutique wine store with accompanying tasting bar is just extraordinary.  I met with Todd Ziman and Michael Carpenter to discuss a wine collaboration for the event.  Here are a list of wines that made the chef tasting over the 3 nights.  Thanks to the collectors and The Redd Collection for bringing these gems!

NV Henriot Blanc de Blanc
2003 Schramsburg Reserve
1999 Chapoutier Le Meal Blanc
2009 Fontaine Gagnard Batard Montrachet
1998 Joseph Matrot Meursault Charmes
2009 Sine Qua Non “On the Lam”
2007 Sine Qua Non “Boddy & Soul”
2009 Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Spatlese
1986 Chateau Climens
2010 Liquid Farm Golden Slope
2010 Black Cordon Ritchine Vyd “Block L”

1989 Chave Hermitage
1990 Chave Hermitage
1995 DRC La Tache
1984 Grace Family Cabernet
2004 Marcassin Blue Slide Ridge Pinot
2006 Marcassin Estate Pinot
2003 Verite La Muse
1970 La Mission Haut Brion
1990 Robert Ampeau & Fils Volnay 1er Cru Santenots
2000 Chateau Lagrange
1995 Christian Serafin Charmes Chambertin
2001 Opus I
2003 Forman
2003 Boca Il Rosso delle Donne
1982 Calon Segur
1995 Rayas Reserve CdP
2005 Domaine Perrot Minot Charmes Chambertin VV
2007 Tor Cabernet Beckstoffer To-Kalon
2010 Hilliard Bruce Pinot “Sun Vyd”

Special thanks to Pierre Amezcua for being my crucial sous chef and Robert as well!  Thanks to A.C and Adam of the CR8 team and Noah Lee for building the amazing dining environ once again!

Special welcome to Isaac Lee, our new D.J who did a superb job of elaborating music and special sounds during the dinners.

All in all, it was the direction of dining I have been wanting to lean towards and it came off with flying colors.  Just think, all of this was only possible because of Alexander McQueen, his genius and how it effected me as a chef.  Thank you wherever you are.







Ciao Thyme Part 2

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In early summer 2012, I had the pleasure of cooking at Ciao Thyme, Bellingham Washington’s premier spot for dining on all levels.  It was such a success and pleasure to be a part of their “Have Knives Will Travel” guest chef series, they asked me back for a fall expression as well.

Bellingham is a gem of a city, just over one hundred thousand people, yet the culture is laden with foodies just waiting to dive into creative unfamiliar cuisine.  It’s so special that I will be returning in early December for a few weeks for some more events. Then, Valentines day 2013, I will return and will do the first ever CR8 dining concept outside of Los Angeles!  This is a big deal for CR8 and also this tiny haven in the northwest.  Seats for the event are already being reserved, another ambitious sign!

The menu had to show the beginning of the fall season and as much local everything as possible.  It was time to get creative.

A mighty tree on the property of Tree Frog Night, a wonderful place to stay in Bellingham!

The amazing crew making it possible to deliver a successful dining event.

Quintessential Fall weather in the northwest

Bitterness:  Endive, tangerine, Pont l’Eveque, arugula, crispy nutmeg rice, black olive ash

Dinner for 45!

Mataio showing off mad knife skills

Local chanterelles at their finest

Local poulet, breast and thigh, foie gras puree, fig, puffed grains, brassica mixture, rose pepper drippings

Pear, saffron, honeycomb before cooking to become dessert

Saffron pear pudding, goats milk salted caramel, avocado yuzu gel, pumpkin cake powder, pumpkin seeds, basil

Being so close, it was wonderful to have a dinner at Willows Inn on Lummi Island with Kurt and Kara!

Ciao Thyme Chef Series

Forest bagsg

Early in the year, I was told about a lovely catering company in Bellingham Washington called Ciao Thyme.  They have a great set up doing various events and all with extreme details and care. Their inhouse dining room is quite spacious and leads as an extension to culinary exploration most catering companies don’t do.  Mataio and Jessica Gillis started a project called “Have Knives Will Travel” which brought in guest chefs from around America to showcase their talents and cuisine to the locals.

I was quite excited about receiving their invitation to be part of their series.  Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen in New York, and one of Food And Wine’s 2012 Best New Chefs was amongst the chefs to yield their knives there as well.

The Northwest holds a dear place in my heart since I used to call this place home while I was Personal Chef to Microsoft’s Paul Allen.  The people and terroir make this place special.  First off, discover the local bounties and ingredients to put the menu into activation.

The fruits of the forest.

Getting the table ready for 45 people!

It’s all about the quenelle!

All the wonderful people who work at Ciao Thyme!

An exploration of umami using coffee roasted by Velton Ross


Mataio prepping in the background!

Egg, Thai basil veloute, seed meringe, buttermilk


Textural play on beets

The dessert is coming together!

Flowers prepped, ready and waiting.

Jessica taking care of the details

The landscape had so much to offer!

I was quickly reminded of the magnificence and beauty of the landscape!

Special thanks to my dear friends Kara Black and Kurt Yandel for the introduction to Mataio and Jessica!  It was an amazing experience with a whole new group of friends and food lovers to bring into my circle.  Looking forward to the revisit in October!

The Art Of

CR8 The Art of bl

With this project, my inner expressions were tantalized by recent works that I have experienced.   A few artists seemed to bring my awareness to artistry in ways I have not seen before.  Especially one painter, who black holed me into his world as I felt and watched his approach to painting differ from others.  My recent fascination with the techniques of Perfumery dominated my research.  The curiosity came from the ancients process of infusion, distillation and enfleurage.  I used these new findings to help with extracting flavor first instead of scent.  This would help me with one dish in particular.

This CR8 event had a slight diversion to the formula.  I had met Matt Biancaniello a year before and was completely in awe of his Cocktail creations.  I approached him about pairing his creations in this chef tasting format.  He accepted and we met several times to combine creative forces.   This really pushed us in ways and places where neither one of us had been before.   Now full of inspiration, my thoughts led me to this:

The Art Of Concept:

Searching and expressing artistry with unorthodox elements.  Approaching each element in an in depth study and understanding to seek it’s essence and express it through visual, conceptual and edible conduits.  The topics each lend a uniformity to the dining environment and deliver the diner into a world of this interactive dining installation.

The dining environ that follows with “Geometric Art.”  Special thanks to Michael Carpenter and Todd Ziman for their amazing space at The Redd Collection in Culver City!

Hering porcelain and new water glasses grace the dinner table with cutlery by Katja Bremkamp

Adam and A.C preparing for the special evening.

Noah Lee and Chelsey Arabia focusing on serious details.

Igor Knezevic and his lighting masterpieces!

The sheer walls allow for a special view


Matt Biancaniello is now organized with his custom blends and infusions.

Matt’s Pimms Cocktail!  No better way to greet the guests!

Diners enjoying Matt and waiting to begin the dinner.


Saffron honey spice brioche, cashew butter, chicken skin, leeks, cucumber flower

The Art Of Geometric Art: BITTER ELLIPTICAL

Endive, puffed nutmeg, Pont l’Eveque, candied citrus, thyme, black olive ash, pecan

Foraging in the rain with Mataio Gillis in Washington just before I took a plane back to L.a.  Goodies used in creating the AETHER dish.

The Art Of Hellenic Elements:AETHER

Pinecone smoked clam bouillon, bergamot, seaweed butter clams, summer truffle, parmesan, forest oil

The beautiful clams and scallops were from the amazing I Love Blue Sea of San Francisco

The Art OF Perfume: SECRECY NO.13

Maple, chive, ginger, inverted mushroom puff pastry, coriander, px sour vinegar, wheat, corn cinnamon oil sabayon, green apple, floral elements, foie gras


The Art Of Alchemic Chemistry: 79

Squash blossom croute, gold toasted rice veloute, courgette puree, wild shrimp, padron pepper soubise, tomato concentrate



Lemon verbena, cherries, rooibos tea, cinnamon toast cake cream, sheep’s milk yogurt, malt


Top Bean

Tahiti Vanilla1sg

As chefs, we are all incredibly focused and moved by stellar ingredients.  Over the years, we remember slight nuances of different ingredients and even the differences of the same product grown in different parts of the world.

Vanilla is one of those ingredients.  I have used many of the varieties available and each has it’s own precious qualities.  The Mexican bean from Papantla is sweet with a distinct creaminess, the Bourbon from Papua New Guinea is smooth and sweet.  Madagascar beans are quite full bodied with slight tobacco notes and the India bean is woodsy and oily.  Indonesian beans are subtle and smoky and I have not yet tried the variety from Tonga!

Recently I had the pleasure of trying some Tahitian vanilla beans from Vanilla fromTahiti

These beans blew me away.  It is known that the Tahitian beans are best in quality and flavor.  Even though they all have their distinct differences, this was easily the freshest beans I have used.  They are long and extremely moist.  Their nose is intense and the floral purity and taste leaves all your infusions and applications singing with Vanilla flavor.  They also have a vanilla powder that is rich and powerful as well.  Their extract is perfume like and extremely high quality.

A close up look at their beans.

The powder which has unlimited applications.

I had the pleasure of meeting the president Peter J. Cohen recently and we talked in depth of the vanilla and I was impressed with his focus on every step the vanilla takes to reach it’s peak and delivered to chefs and foodies.

The beauty of this product is that it is available to everyone not just chefs…Even if you use vanilla only an occasional basis,  I highly recommend making this your vanilla bean for a true flavor difference..

Some of their own words:    While some non-Tahitian vanilla beans half the size can be found for less money, gram for gram Vanilla From Tahiti’s beans are both competitively priced and superior in flavor.  They import only the highest quality true Tahitian vanilla bean pods (official name: Vanilla X Tahitensis JB Moore) directly from local partners on the island of Raiatea.  As specialists in the vanilla bean pod extracts wholesale market,they add absolutely nothing (no fillers, sugars, other extractives) except Tahitian vanilla bean extractives, grain free alcohol (synthetic derived ethanol), and water.  People with grain allergies love Vanilla From Tahiti pure vanilla extract because it’s the only 100% Tahitian, grain free, vanilla extract on the market.Not all vanilla beans are the same!
Vanilla From Tahiti is the premier source for Tahitian vanilla extract, vanilla bean powder and Tahitian vanilla coffee made from the finest Tahitian vanilla beans.  As the world’s purveyor of the finest Tahitian vanilla beans, Vanilla From Tahiti caters to those who expect the very best in quality vanilla bean extract.  The finest pastry chefs, chocolatiers and gelato makers from around the world choose Vanilla From Tahiti for its distinct Tahitian vanilla bean aroma and taste.  
While some non-Tahitian vanilla beans half the size can be found for less money, gram for gram Vanilla From Tahiti’s beans are both competitively priced and superior in flavor.  They import only the highest quality true Tahitian vanilla bean pods (official name: Vanilla X Tahitensis JB Moore) directly from local partners on the island of Raiatea.  As specialists in the vanilla bean pod extracts wholesale market,they add absolutely nothing (no fillers, sugars, other extractives) except Tahitian vanilla bean extractives, grain free alcohol (synthetic derived ethanol), and water.  People with grain allergies love Vanilla From Tahiti pure vanilla extract because it’sthe only 100% Tahitian, grain free, vanilla extract on the market.  
Visit the web site to find a treasure chest of informative articles ranging from how to store vanilla beans and the history of vanilla pods to the true meaning of ”pure” vanilla bean extract and how they are used in vanilla bean recipes.  If you’re looking for information about vanilla bean to vanilla extract conversion, the web site has a wealth of information that is helpful to a wide range of vanilla lovers.  Unlike other “pure Tahitian vanilla extracts” on the market, Vanilla From Tahiti is the only one made from 100% Tahitian (pure vanilla) beans.  

Visit the web site at For phone orders or questions please call 805-965-5153