Edible Artistry with Miele

It has been a big year with many new additions to my life. First off, I released my first book called Senses In Sucrose, a metaphoric vision of translating human emotions with sweet cuisine and it’s unexpected beautiful marriage through colors and taste.

Just as exciting is my second collaboration with Miele . The first time we worked together was with my dining installation group called CR8. The concept this time around was called Liquid Forms in Seattle, Wa. It proved to be an incredible match as their products are simply made with perfection!

Here we are a couple of years later and now it was time for another exciting union. The Miele Experience Center itself is layed out like a beautiful gallery , so this would prove to be the perfect platform to host a gallery show. This was going to require very specific designers and the brightest minds from Miele as well.

Part of the whole gallery experience is showcasing design/art work that enhances the entire feel of the event. Working with an architect/designer named Appolonia Roldan proved to capture the essence of the edible part of it. Her piece called “Grape Cell” is a microscopic section of a white grape magnified and blown up in mixed media format.

  The first part of the show is Envious Particles (resentful-malevolent-insecurity).

Special thanks to Agency Ink for the phenomenal high quality prints. Their ability to print on any surface is truly innovative. We couldn’t have done it with out you.

Passionfruit puree, lemongrass puree, cranberry honey paste, basil drops, coconut powder, saffron puree


The spoon kicks off the tasting experience with avocado puree, candied grapefruit, edible flower

The attendees gladly enjoy tasting the art and the emotional connection.

Table lamps by lighting designer Yuri Kinoshita nestle the entrance of the Envious Room.

Precious Leaves (Wholeness-Belonging-Trust). A complex emotion capturing the deep connection we acquire with our families and the effect it has on us as time goes by.

These precious emotions required a special installation. For this design job, I was blessed to have Tara Slinden showcase her beloved work. The perfectly collected leaves and colors brought out the tenderness of these nurturing emotions.

The dessert/emotion flavors: Whipped cinnamon rice pudding, 40C salted liquid toffee, white peach, lavender almond milk, lemon peel puree, candied lemon oil sponge cake

The lighting design genius herself; Yuri Kinoshita

Plating up!

 Precision cooking and baking on Miele appliances is always part of the fun! One of the best parts of the evening is being able to demonstrate an upcoming emotion

Symphonic Euphoria: Rapturous-Fervor-Ecstasy


Amedei chocolate fondant, whipped jasmine, frozen grape with tarragon, pinot pomegranate, wood cream, fig in bay leaf frown butter, pear nutmeg sabayon

Miele’s Monique Robinson and friends.

The latest lighting design by Yuri Kinoshita.

The final and most intense of the emotions is Painted Distress: Fear-Panic-Anxiety



Intense dessert of caramelized molasses whiskey cake, avocado and eucalyptus, ginger sabayon, spicy chile gelee, tamarind rose petal juices

The  roses are dipped into the sauce and squeezed on everyone’s final dish.

Organization is key! Special thanks to Sous Chef Ken Lee and Erik Dresser and Andrew Pierce for all your help in the kitchen!

They say to always surround yourself with talent; so I did!  Tricia Betschart, Laura Adams, Rachael Stoll, Appolonia Roldan , Monique Robinson, Yuri Kinoshita & Tara Slinden .

What a team!!

It was such an amazing turnout and event.

I can’t thank everyone enough from Miele who’s dedication and focus on innovation and creativity allow us to combine forces for such wonderful and amazing events. I look forward to our next collaboration and what we come up with next!