Cacao Imbue Inspires

Cacao Imbue from Roberto Cortez on Vimeo.

Early last year, I was fortunate enough to taste the new chocolate made by Amedei in Tuscany.  It’s called Blanco de Criollo. Right away I understood the complexity that a chocolate can have and I realized I wanted to create a special dish that brought out it’s beautiful characteristics.

The concept of “Imbue” is saturate, infuse, permeate or impregnate with moisture, colors, feelings, etc. This was an incredible description of the journey I would take to and endless lengths I would travel to portray this cacao in a new manner. I served this dessert at my last CR8 in Seattle called Liquid Forms. I had worked on the dessert intensely and even then I ran into problems. I had ordered 2 special ingredients for the dessert and it never arrived in time. The final desert was tasty, but after, I knew It wasn’t finished.

Amedei had approached me and asked to make a video of the dessert. I said I would. I began to imagine moving pictures showing and describing my thought process of how I came up with this dish. After months and months of working with the concept, it still wasn’t finished or what I wanted. One morning I realized that I was stuck because I was trying to portray the dish in a plated dessert style. I needed to create a new concept of eating a dish. Then it just finished itself once I realized this. The diner needs to be set into a frame of mind and body by the first scent they come across. After, the chocolate needs to be tasted and thereafter, each ingredient and preparation I created needs to be tasted one at a time. This allows the various shades of intricacies of the chocolate to come to the forefront with each new taste that supports the chocolate.

After 6 months of filming is 3 different states, It was done. Thank you Amedei for the wonderful chocolate and helping me to push myself to a new level of eating and dining awareness.