The Importance of Spain

Spain has been an extreme source of inspiration and admiration to me for the last 15 years.  Not necessarily because of Ferran Adria and the innovative work of El Bulli, but much much more.

Their forward and boundless thinking seems to lead this wonderful country ahead of many others in many forms of food, horticulture, art, design, and architecture.

Architecture, design and the minds behind their conceptual creations have always pushed me to think deeper and be more innovative.  Flavor as function and purpose of dining movements are important lessons I have learned from them.

So when Luis and the people of So Good magazine approached me to be in one of their issues, I was quite surprised.  I had followed them for several years, as some of the worlds top chefs in sweet and savory cuisine highlight some of their dishes, recipes and ideas.   I don’t work or have a restaurant so why would I be asked to occupy this gorgeous publication?  They had been following my dining group CR8 and loved my vision of dining. I enthusiastically answered yes and what was to follow surprised me even more.

photo-mood-117-valencia-spain-night-santiago-calatrava-photo-2 Santiago Calatrava, Valencia Spain                                                                                                   Photo:photomood

So Good Bnrsg

so good: #9 – January, 2013

After the so good issue was released,  I was approached again by the people at Groupo Vilbo to be in another one of their magazines called Dulcypas 

DulcypasbnrsgDulcypas Number 415

Then again I was asked to feature one of my creations in the upcoming “Chocolate Edition”.

Dulcypas ChocolateDulcypas Number 419: Especial Chocolate Edition

I’m seriously honored to be noticed by the people of Spain. So much as to look at me as someone doing something special, creative and considered out of the box passion.  Where I have always admired them for being the same way.