Ciao Thyme Part 2

In early summer 2012, I had the pleasure of cooking at Ciao Thyme, Bellingham Washington’s premier spot for dining on all levels.  It was such a success and pleasure to be a part of their “Have Knives Will Travel” guest chef series, they asked me back for a fall expression as well.

Bellingham is a gem of a city, just over one hundred thousand people, yet the culture is laden with foodies just waiting to dive into creative unfamiliar cuisine.  It’s so special that I will be returning in early December for a few weeks for some more events. Then, Valentines day 2013, I will return and will do the first ever CR8 dining concept outside of Los Angeles!  This is a big deal for CR8 and also this tiny haven in the northwest.  Seats for the event are already being reserved, another ambitious sign!

The menu had to show the beginning of the fall season and as much local everything as possible.  It was time to get creative.

A mighty tree on the property of Tree Frog Night, a wonderful place to stay in Bellingham!

The amazing crew making it possible to deliver a successful dining event.

Quintessential Fall weather in the northwest

Bitterness:  Endive, tangerine, Pont l’Eveque, arugula, crispy nutmeg rice, black olive ash

Dinner for 45!

Mataio showing off mad knife skills

Local chanterelles at their finest

Local poulet, breast and thigh, foie gras puree, fig, puffed grains, brassica mixture, rose pepper drippings

Pear, saffron, honeycomb before cooking to become dessert

Saffron pear pudding, goats milk salted caramel, avocado yuzu gel, pumpkin cake powder, pumpkin seeds, basil

Being so close, it was wonderful to have a dinner at Willows Inn on Lummi Island with Kurt and Kara!