The Art Of

With this project, my inner expressions were tantalized by recent works that I have experienced.   A few artists seemed to bring my awareness to artistry in ways I have not seen before.  Especially one painter, who black holed me into his world as I felt and watched his approach to painting differ from others.  My recent fascination with the techniques of Perfumery dominated my research.  The curiosity came from the ancients process of infusion, distillation and enfleurage.  I used these new findings to help with extracting flavor first instead of scent.  This would help me with one dish in particular.

This CR8 event had a slight diversion to the formula.  I had met Matt Biancaniello a year before and was completely in awe of his Cocktail creations.  I approached him about pairing his creations in this chef tasting format.  He accepted and we met several times to combine creative forces.   This really pushed us in ways and places where neither one of us had been before.   Now full of inspiration, my thoughts led me to this:

The Art Of Concept:

Searching and expressing artistry with unorthodox elements.  Approaching each element in an in depth study and understanding to seek it’s essence and express it through visual, conceptual and edible conduits.  The topics each lend a uniformity to the dining environment and deliver the diner into a world of this interactive dining installation.

The dining environ that follows with “Geometric Art.”  Special thanks to Michael Carpenter and Todd Ziman for their amazing space at The Redd Collection in Culver City!

Hering porcelain and new water glasses grace the dinner table with cutlery by Katja Bremkamp

Adam and A.C preparing for the special evening.

Noah Lee and Chelsey Arabia focusing on serious details.

Igor Knezevic and his lighting masterpieces!

The sheer walls allow for a special view


Matt Biancaniello is now organized with his custom blends and infusions.

Matt’s Pimms Cocktail!  No better way to greet the guests!

Diners enjoying Matt and waiting to begin the dinner.


Saffron honey spice brioche, cashew butter, chicken skin, leeks, cucumber flower

The Art Of Geometric Art: BITTER ELLIPTICAL

Endive, puffed nutmeg, Pont l’Eveque, candied citrus, thyme, black olive ash, pecan

Foraging in the rain with Mataio Gillis in Washington just before I took a plane back to L.a.  Goodies used in creating the AETHER dish.

The Art Of Hellenic Elements:AETHER

Pinecone smoked clam bouillon, bergamot, seaweed butter clams, summer truffle, parmesan, forest oil

The beautiful clams and scallops were from the amazing I Love Blue Sea of San Francisco

The Art OF Perfume: SECRECY NO.13

Maple, chive, ginger, inverted mushroom puff pastry, coriander, px sour vinegar, wheat, corn cinnamon oil sabayon, green apple, floral elements, foie gras


The Art Of Alchemic Chemistry: 79

Squash blossom croute, gold toasted rice veloute, courgette puree, wild shrimp, padron pepper soubise, tomato concentrate



Lemon verbena, cherries, rooibos tea, cinnamon toast cake cream, sheep’s milk yogurt, malt