During a regular dinner scenario, the usual suspects expedite the evening.  The servers, other tables, conversation amongst friends and family and of course the dining.

In my observation, during a dining event  all senses are on.  So then why not utilize this and implement factors of stimuli.  Creating an ambiance of dining unlike a restaurant, this is important to me as this will already lay the groundwork of subtle yet new stimulus.

One thing that has always been important to me is music.  For 10 years I was a musician and have always been a fan of music my entire life.  Under observance of musical influence, I noted that depending on the music will sometimes dictate my emotional state, this is nothing new.  But I wanted to bring into play without  the awareness of the diners.  I set forth to try and use this powerful tool set a mood for each course.  My decision to not tell the diners was crucial, as if I had said something to them before hand they will be looking out for it and expecting something.  Since this was an experiment, I wanted to see if it would make a difference in their reactions to the eating experience.  The thing I noticed is that when there is a strong bond between the diners, there tends to be the soundtrack of “Conversation” that is definitely dominant.  I did manage to notice a difference in a couple of the courses, I will have to further use this tool in the future!

In addition, I met a wonderful L.A designer named Igor Knezevic, an architectural and concept designer.  What a talent he is.  We exchanged ideas and I told him about my idea for the “Soundscapes” idea.  He had a variety of lights that perfectly enhanced the visual and ambiance.  He was eager to jump on board!

Igor Knezevic working hard on his world known as Alienology.

Symphonic lighting

Special thanks to Jan McCarthy for providing her stylish chairs!

Extreme sexiness on one of the walls opposite of the dining table.

 Elements of the dinner in progress…

Working on the idea of making a bamboo rice cracker.  Came out surprisingly nice, light and crunchy.

Citrus brined Arctic char, coconut mojito flavors and crispy bamboo rice crackers

Foie Gras Noodle Tart, summer truffle caramel, figs, sesame inverted puff pastry

The menu from September 13th

Diners eating in silence and interacting with the dinner tools like the “Orb” by Katja Bremkamp.  This course was dessert called “Velvet Tenderness”, that I created for the London Design Festival with the concept of desserts based on emotions.  I played music from my friend Johan Soderqvist during this course.  He is one of the world’s most amazing film score composers.

Special thanks to BoxEight Studios in Downtown Los Angeles for the amazing space.. And my amazing crew of AC, Adam, Noah, Rene, Diana, Dana and guys make this possible..

In many ways this was a very exciting series or me.  I looked in a different sensory direction to go in an alternative direction. I wonder what will happen next!