CR8-Video Confessionals

Lucky for me, I come from a rogue background, no restaurant, a gypsy life of jumping cities and countries for several years now, and no more private chef jobs. Why is this good? Well it pushes me to come up of creative elements to encompass a specific vision of what I want to do.
With the creative spark from Larissa Friend, we will start a video confessional project to capture thoughts, views, emotions, complaints, etc that is experienced at CR8 dinners. All details must be embraced to expand into the future.

*Thanks to A.C Slamet for the video and questions, you are the man!

*Thanks to everyone who participated in the video!*

VIDEO CONFESSIONS  Here what some of the diners that experience CR8 are saying about it!

*How was your experience tonight?


*What was your favorite course?


*What are your thoughts on Roberto?