V&A Museum Dining Experiment

V&A Dining Event from Roberto Cortez on Vimeo.


Not too long ago, I had started working with one of the best tableware designers in the world. Her name is Katja Bremkamp.  She had introduced me to another brilliant designer named Andreas Fabian.  This trend started the domino effect that affected my culinary path.  Next thing I knew I was in the presence of more and more designers.  I knew that the future of dining, or at least for me, was engaging in their world.  Their brilliant and creative perspective very much inspires me and helps push my own boundaries.

Next thing I knew, we were being asked to do an event at the V&A Museum!  We were accompanied by  table designer Tomas Alonso and  ceramicist Elizabeth Callinicos.  Our lovely host of the event was Simon Fraser of Central Saint Martins College in London.

It was a quick one course event that expanded and intergrated the world of art, design and food in an instant.  In attendance were people from the above mentioned worlds along with writers from Vogue, Dwell and other magazines of the sort.  In a way I felt a bit overwhelmed as this was a world I have never lived in.  This I would find out would be my biggest contribution.  In one of the seatings,  Hans Stofer of the Royal College of Art was in attendance.  After the seating, we asked for feedback from all the diners.  Hans is an eloquent man with  a soft yet very poignant persona.  I will never forget what he said, as he looked at me he said “Roberto, we have been waiting for you for 17 years, you have given us designers a voice”.  I got butterflies and at the same time was a bit confused at it all.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized the scope of what he meant.  I am forever moved by this statement.

I asked Katja to design my own line of cutlery and she came up with a line that inspires me to this day.  Not just visually, but the functionality and interactive process is surreal.   This is the “RC Fish Set”!