A few months ago while reading about the glorious Mangalitsa pork, I came arcross a company from Washington called   “Foods In Season”.  They carry some of the best products any chef would be happy to start with.

When I lived in Seattle, I was very spoiled with the fresh availability of seafood.  Nothing like the Columbia River King Salmon coming into season in the spring and being able to buy it just out of the water.  Now I can order this once again and have it the next day.

They carry everything from Morels, Bliss maple syrup and caviars, Minus 8 vinegar, Dill pollen, extremely fresh seafood, sudachi, Ellensburg lamb, and of course, the glorious Mangalitsa Pork.

This is the beginning of a new and lasting relationship, thanks Foods in Season.

Still in the box.

This is exciting.

Pork taking a nice bath.

My pork matrix dish with the Mangalitsa pork cheek.