Nature’s New Gifts

Spring is here and in all it’s edible glory.  I have been spending a bit more time in nature discovering some new edible ingredients.  It is important for a chef to stay close to this element.

I have had the pleasure of learning about some new lemons, two different hybrids and a lemon called “sweet lemon”, which can be eaten raw with no over acidic reaction to your mouth.  The new dishes are in the works.

Nasturtiums are a nice spicy addition to various dishes both savory and sweet.  The leaves are really spicy and should be balanced.

By no means should these small intense flavors be used for just savory cuisine.  I have been incorporating them into desserts with new and flavorsome results.  Explore the palate and think outside the box.

Nasturtiums in their natural habitat

Two different hybrid lemons and sweet lemons.

Freshly picked nasturtium flowers and leaves!

A box of unlimited flavor potential, cilantro, fennel, red chard, shiso and mustard leaves, just to name a few.