Behind The Scenes-Update

*Word from the The Los Angeles Times magazine is the story did not meet the deadline for this months issue, it will be released soon, details to come. All good things come to those who wait I guess!*

Last year in Los Angeles,  I had the pleasure of cooking for some serious foodies in the  food and entertainment world.  One of them was Lora Zarubin, a food and wine writer from the Los Angeles Times.  We struck up a great connection and she had lovely things to say about my cuisine and my culinary vision.  After several conversations, she was curious of this line I was drawing between food and design.  She said we will talk again.

Later in the year, She got wind of my Chaos & Harmony Dining Event in Echo Park and had me meet Mayer Rus, design editor of The Los Angeles Times.  He came and saw what I was doing.  Next thing I knew, they wanted to do a story in the May issue of the Los Angeles Times Magazine.  This issue is known as “The Design Issue”.

I thought, how amazing is this, any chef or cook can be featured in a food article, but where I am going with this unorthodox collaboration, I am being ushered through the design world door.  This is monumental for me.

I had a photoshoot with Peden & Munk, some of the best photographers around.  Dish after dish and piece after piece they diligently worked with lighting to visually capture my food in through their lenses.  Their work is some of the best i’ve seen.

Thank you David and Lucinda Schiff for providing your wonderful home!

Jen adjusting  elements for the photoshoot.

The masters at work.  See their Published works here

My new menu design for my dinners.

The gold beet I started out with for one of the my dishes.

Sneaking in a quick shot of my own as I hurry back to the kitchen to prepare the next dish to be photographed.