New Website Teaser

The things that I am taken by, are things that are unique, beautiful and strong.  I have managed to pull talent from around the world to help me get my message across.  Besides wonderful designers, I have met one extremely important person, Katarzyna Widmanska.

She is a photographer from Krakow, Poland and quite possibly one of the best photographers in the world.  She manages to capture a specific feel, ambiance and vigor in her photographs that I have never seen before.  This fills me with inspiration to take my craft into a further direction myself.  We have been good friends for 4 years now and I have had the pleasure of spending time with her in Poland (A wonderful country!).

I knew I would need her help to portray myself in a manner that was distinctly me.  So for my new website, I gave her some ideas and she filled in the glorious blanks with her talent.  My new website will crack the surface in which I have been working to shatter for a while now.

Below is her work and me in her world.  This with elements of my world of salt, sugar, tools and capturing a style.  No formal chef jackets for me, I need to freestyle.

No longer do I think of photographs as worth a thousand words. Photographs are magic in which people fall helplessly under their spell.  I needed Kasia as no one else could help me paint this magical world I am trying to create.  I am now on my way, and the website will be up shortly.   Dziekuje Bardzo Kasia, jesteś najlepszy.

Photographed in Krakow, Poland

Here are some of her amazing photos just to show just a hint of the spectrum of her talent.

All photos by Katarzyna Widmanska