Chaos Ends With High Harmonious Notes

Since most of my time is spent cooking and doing events in Europe,  I felt it necessary to bring this special type of dining to my home, California.  The assembly of some of the top designers in the world proved to be a passionate task.  Since I have already created a special bond and collaboration with these fore mentioned innovators, the grand collaboration was destined to prove worthy of a one off event.
The importance of utilizing design and designers is crucial to me as I feel they are often incorporated into the dining world with little or no thought on the importance that every element makes.

So in Sunny California, a space was chosen to create a feel that would encompass  and help deliver the message I was trying to express.  I pushed myself to actually use many of the pieces as a starting point to create some dishes.  The photos can express more than I can write.  My enthusiasm for this project still resonates from within, and even though Chaos did exist, Harmony clearly was in effect.

Cooking in the Jungle.  Los Angeles, CA.

The beautiful, spacious platform where the dining took place.

Lighting by Roxy Towry Russell

Moments before the arrival of guests

A special menu for each diner to take home with them.

In collaboration with my little brother Rene Cortez, we were able to create a menu that reflected my style and vision.

All glassware by Tanja Pak

I had an “Amazing” crew!  Special thanks to Philippe from “Events by Philippe”, Dana from Bread and Wine catering, and AC, TC and Adam, could not have done it without any of you!

Photo by Stephanie Reeb

Photo by Stephanie Reeb

Ahhh..Nothing like Chassagne Montrachet!

Earth’s Perfumes: Aquarello risotto, Sicilian coffee syrah wine glaze, shitakes, ginger, bacon powder

Walnut textures and foie gras noodles to accompany “Fish in a cup”.

All food designed and enhanced by using Hering Porcelain, every chefs dream!

Brioche aromatic with campfire butter

Sous vide cooking the endive with PolyScience

Plating the caramelized endive.

Assembling the Taiwanese Fog with spoons by Andreas Fabian

Circle of nine dessert tasting using Amedei 9                                                   photo: Cara Robbins

With the help of the “orb” by Katja Bremkamp, scent, taste and overall interaction bring new experiences.

Special thanks to Villeroy & Boch for the Gourmet Stars cutlery designed by Katja Bremkamp.   Also, the Rec Center Studio and Cindi Finkle for the great chairs!  Even though this was my first Dining Installation in America, it is definitely not my last.  I look to new projects and creative dining situations to share the experience of modern cuisine with the help of designers like these.  There are no boundaries!

The WC had great space too!