Chaos & Harmony Los Angeles

The title comes from my observation of the constant battle between the elements that create resistance and the poignant efforts that become balance.  In nature, it’s a grain of wheat.  The forces of mother nature create turmoil in layers of extreme temperatures and weather.  And only through harmonious balance of nurturing this grain can it survive to become a mature stalk and go on to become part of an edible element.

With the chef and the designer, it’s the same process.  The waves of inspiration flood the mind.  Tireless efforts of organizing, modifying, adding and subtracting elements to manifest what was once only a spark, and creatively turn it into a dish or piece of art.  And after this, it becomes the serene moment when the diner consumes or the observer sees the final labor of love.

At dinner time, divide the two part play of the kitchen and the dining area, with fluid turmoil rushing amongst the chefs and servers in the form of hurried actions, sweat and unwavering focus during the service as act one,  and simultaneously, act two plays at the table of enthusiastic, happy and joyful diners that harmonize in conversation, flavors and bliss.

After successful events at the V&A Museum and London Design Festival in Europe, and with the positive and enthusiastic response I have received from the people participating. I decided it was important to share this unique dining project with my fellow Angelenos.  Three nights only, January 12th,13th, and 14th.  With the dining scene almost solely dominated by the restaurant and hotel venue, these events have taken an unorthodox approach to dining in an “alternative” manner and surrounding.  With changes in environment and a more interactive participation from the diners, they get lulled into a special and surprising experience.

Tablescape with pieces from Andreas Fabian and Katja Bremkamp

Lighting: Roxy Towry Russell

London Design Festival 09….Dessert Emotion Interactive.

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