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A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Christoph Milz, the Marketing Manager of PolyScience at Barcomis in Berlin.  We spoke about food in Europe and America, and the new and exciting possibilities due to creative chefs and equipment available by their company.  This technology will assist the chefs in the element of “controlled and precision cooking”.  An element that every chef in the world can benefit from.

Upon returning to America, I had an enthusiastic and quite moving sit down meeting with the President of PolyScience, Philip Preston and Christoph. I discovered the beginnings of the company back when it was primarily a lab equipment company and it’s transition to the culinary world.  In the quest for them to seek new frontiers in the culinary field and expand into other countries, I will do my part by working with them in intertwining my cuisine with their equipment both in America and especially Europe.. With innovative food events on the horizon for me in L.A, London, Berlin and Milan, I can now bring the level of precision cooking with me where I will need it most.

Thank you PolyScience for this amazing opportunity and the beginning of a new culinary chapter!

Prawn terrine, Activa bound, compressed, cooked sous vide then lightly pan roasted before serving.

Pressed oxtail & Argentine prawn terrine
wild mushroom paper
noisette milk & oatmeal
tarragon gelee
apricot kernal white truffle infusion

Copper river salmon filled with braised veal breast, all cooked sous vide to provide the perfect texture and flavor marraige.

Sous vide cooking gives unctuous textures to the banana gel and liquid cappuccino center in the chocolate egg..

Some of the equipment offered by PolyScience.

“Glass Orb” by Katja Bremkamp filled with smoked tea and spices