Why Amedei Is King Of Chocolates

The arrival to Tuscany was quite adventurous from the beginning, due to the heavy rain storms that diverted my flight from Florence to Bologna and a wait of 3 hours….

Once I made it to Amedei, I was greeted with much enthusiasm and warmth. I was placed in the meeting room to await the arrival of the team. During this time I reflected on the first time I tasted their chocolate.

My fascination with Amedei began when I attended the chocolate festival in london of 2009. Speaking with Karin Mausser about the philosophy of the company, the similarity of my own views of food and it’s effects on us was immedietely apparent.
With the first taste of Chuao, I knew I was in the presence of greatness. My mind and palate began to explore the potential of how I could use this treasure of a chocolate to enhance my own desserts and cuisine.

Suddenly Giada entered the room and we began to talk right away about the company. Soon after Karin stepped in to hear and see what I had done with their chocolate so far. Not long after, Cecilia Tessieri entered the room. I showed them photos of the event I did at the London Design Festival 09. The dessert series based on emotions in the glorious Salt room of the Somerset House where I used Amedei chocolates and Boiron purees to succesfully create complex desserts.
Rarely, especially in this time of high quantity production of many food items, does someone exist like Cecilia Tessieri. She is the master chocolatier and owner of Amedei. During our conversations, her precision thinking and unwavering focus to detail was comforting as I felt I was in familiar company. Shortly after, I started to taste the chocolates one by one. With each bite came a through guide from Cecilia of the reasons for what I was tasting. Soon I noticed we were on the same page when it comes to the overkill usage of ganaches and strong aromatic flavorings. We both are over them. She has managed quite successfully to create chocolates where every edible element is crafted, roasted and handled by hand. And this reflects in their superior taste!

Stunning Building

The Lobby

A bean just pulled out of the roaster. Giovanni separated it for me and the flavor was unlike anything I had tasted up to that point. The balance of the roast was superb.

Two roasted beans from two different countries..note the color and size differences.

I learned a great deal about the micron pressure measurement for producing chocolates. Since Amedei now does not use lecithin as an emulsifier, this is an extremely important topic to know. On the measurement spectrum system, water, in one extreme, is measured as zero (0) and on the otherside (22) is no longer detected by the palate. With this being said, a perfect balance is required to bind the chocolates ingredients just enough, yet being able to still melt at the perfect temperature that exists in the mouth. They have figured out the perfect micron number for their chocolates…

Some of the various chocolates available.

Giada, Giovanni, Rc, Karin

The prestigious “Golden Bean” award for best bean to bar chocolate for “9” by Amedei.

The 9 bar gets it’s name from a careful blend of cocoa from 9 different plantations…after intense tastings, this is my verdict: Cherry and slight berry aroma, with flavors of molasses and deep cocoa and cream with a similar earthiness that can be found in coffee. The earth element even had a slight “hay” note to it . The flavor lasted very long and left a gorgeous thin blanket of smooth tannins reminiscent to a superb Bordeaux wine on my tongue.

Now with a thorough understanding of the spectrum of chocolate by Amedei, I now have the perfect starting point to portray and express my sugar and salt cuisine.

Thank you Cecilia Tessieri and the everyone at Amedei for having me as your guest!