Don’t throw it away!

With summer upon us, It is time to indulge in tomatoes, peas and other great fruits and vegetables only available for a few months.

Being in Berlin, I am stuck with the task of being creative with little or no modern equipment. I recently read a quote from a book called “The Sense Of Order; A study in psychology of decorative art”. It says ” One can only be creative in relation to the problems which one seeks to solve”. My problem, creating a summer dish with no thermomix, dehydrator, sous vide and vacuum packing machine, etc..

So I decide to use elements of the the vegetables that would normally be thrown away to enhance the dish and give it an element of diversity otherwise not present. I decided to make crispy tomato glass using the skin, making a velvety pea consomee using the pea pods, using half of the carrots to juice and make a carrot caramel to cook the carrots, and last making a rosemary pine oil using the bark element of the rosemary. This is turn accentuated the flavors drastically to create the following dish:

Crispy Carrot Polenta, peas and velvety pea pod consomee, rosemary pine oil, vadouvan crumble, tomato confit & tomato glass.

The dish carried a certain elegance and depth otherwise not possible if I had thrown away the usual ingredients…. makes me think about what else I should stop throwing away!  Using a methycellulose mixutre to coat one side of the polenta, therefore when I sauteed it, it gave an incredible crispiness to one side and the creamy sweet carrots on the otherside, a nice textural combination.

Crispy tomato glass

*carrots cooked in carrot caramel

*The final dish