Summer Flavors, Design Inspiration and Sting

Now that summer is upon us, the precious seasonal gifts of herbs, fruits and other edible products are at our disposal. Lavenders captivating effect on the olfactory system marries perfectly with peaches. When white chocolate is tamed and treated carefully, it can be one of the most pleasureable flavors to consume. With the addition of toasted brown butter, and a honey magdalena cake, the balance is slightly sweet, acidic, with notes of summer freshness and warm butter goodness.

ALMOND MILK LAVENDER MOUSSE, whipped white chocolate cream, crumbled brown butter, white peach mousse with lavender tea steeped peaches, honey magdalena cake

Working closely with architects and designers has definitely rubbed off on me. I have always thought of creating my own mold designs. Working with architect Xavier Cobiani, we finalized some designs that had both meaning, purpose and function. This design is sleek and even more definitive by the hole that makes its way through the cake. Careful attention to it’s assembly and unmolding give this cake a strong yet fluid presentation. I will continue the path that crosses, chef, artist, and designer as my destiny is now more than just a cook.

One of the great song writers of our time. The song “Fragile” is quite possibly the most beautiful song I know.
Almost Spiritual in it’s hypnotic melody, with elements of melancholy confusion, yet, I fall in it’s spell each time I hear it. I am moved beyond words and I attempt to do the same with my food…this cake will be called FRAGILE.