Hermes Cocktail

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to help with an important event. The Hermes Santa Aguila Foundation is an attempt so save and preserve our coastlines and their ecosystems from overdevelopment, pollution and beach mining just to name a few. The event was held at the Hermes store on Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills, Ca.  They asked me to assist with creating some hors d’oeuvres that added flair and distinction to the event. On top of that, I was asked to create a special cocktail for them.

Trying to create a cocktail in itself is quite a challenge. Your starting point can be anywhere from colors, theme ideas, seasonal flavors, etc. Realizing the uniqueness of Hermes, and their Santa Aguila Foundation. I knew the drink needed to impact the senses right away, AND it had to be sexy and delicious. I thought of Elderflower as it certainly captivates the olfactory system instantly. After taste testing with several ideas, (this can be quite a buzzing experience), I finally captured what I was after. With Elderflower liquor, peach puree, special cognac and Tahitian vanila bean as some of the elements, it truly became a splendid drink. The litte twist to the drink is that just before it is served, the Tahitian vanilla bean is split open and slightly wiped on the inside of a portion of the glass. This touch adds intense scent that contributes to the flavors and the overall experience. So nothing was funnier than explaining to all the servers, that when they deliver the drink to the event goers, “No, the glass is not dirty, its Vanilla”…. and It worked!