My Hering Experience

I guess I have been quite lucky these days, or at least in the right place at the right time. I was in Frankfurt a couple of months back as I was a part of the Ambiente Table Fair with Katja Bremkamp. I got introduced to Stefanie Hering and Wiebke Lehmann of Hering Porcelan Company. Any chef and foodie in the world knows them, as they rank at the top of the Plate fantasy list. The ultimate plates to showcase your food on and have to incorporate tableside service as well.

As it goes, we had set up a tour of their showroom in Berlin. After long conversations about food, design, details and precision in any field, it had been decided that I was going to do a dinner and above all, they were going to provide me with the use of their porcelain. A dream come true!

I want to thank Stefanie Hering and Wiebke Lehmann for being so generous and kind. I know this will be the beginning of a wonderful professional and personal relationship.

*Some of the evenings courses on wonderful Hering Porcelain

RC Hering Mojito*Sparkling Mojito Gelee***

RC Hering amuseblog*Amusebouche, Lettuce veloute, rosemary oil tapioca, smoked salmon, lemon peel tempura, grain mustard mousse***

RC Hering snowballblog*The Last Snowball***

The dinner was right in between the end of winter and the beginning of spring (at least in Berlin). This was the small dessert tasting before the main dessert. The snowball is lemoncurd cream with a liquid yogurt filling, and coconut powder. After the diner eats the lavender gelee to celebrate the coming of spring.

RC Hering dessert1blog*Amedei Milk Chocolate cream, balsamic caramel, cappuccino custard, dark chocolate textures, walnut oil, mint mousse***

RC Hering Plates2