Montecito Dinner And Wine Event-May 9th and 10th

With great enthusiam, do I announce a collaboration dinner event in Montecito, California. The focus is on educating food and wine lovers about pairing food and wine but with a slightly unorthodox approach. The evening starts with special hors d’oeuvres and champagne whilst learning about new and old wines. After ,It is a 5 course dinner of avant garde flavors paired beautifully with wines to make the palate sing with sensory awareness.

I will have created a menu of a broad spectrum of tastes, textures and temperature. Anani Lawson is a Sommelier at the French Laundry and recently has done a special dinner prior with chef Pajo Bruich. Together we will produce a special two dinner event, May 9th and 10th only. 20 diners each night only. $200 per person, all inclusive. The evening promises to awaken the senses and educate the palate and mind.

To make a reservation, please send an email to

Please indicate if someone in your party is vegetarian….