Burning Intensity—Ardor Sphere

As I travel down the path of discovery, mainly within myself, I realize that I have always chosen to look at things through my own eyes. Not always listening to anyone who may be trying to rationalize my culinary perception of what I should or should not do.
I find that food has many diverse effects on the people consuming it. This led me to look at flavors, eating, colors and diner interaction alot more in depth.
I continue to finalize my series of “Dessert Emotions”, I have one named Ardor Sphere.
Ardor, is the emotion of “intensity-exhilaration-passion-outrage-burning”. NOT a bad feeling to have.
With the inspiration, I see the colors of dark brown, cream, black and green. With chocolate most people sense passion..this is the case with coffee as well. Intensity can come in the form of herbs like, cilantro, dill, basil and mint. Exhiliration is a banana gel, first cooked sous vide with butter and pure cane sugar. Not stopping there, but furthering the banana experience by creating aethereal and crisp banana chips.
The final dessert is as follows:
milk chocolate mousse
cappuccino yolk
textures of banana
herb salad
citrus olive oil glaze
frozen malt
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