For The Love Of Beets

Combing through the root section of the farmers market in Santa Barbara, I realized how the Gold Beet is the perfect vegetable. It’s aesthetic allure drew me in and the earthy smell and flavor moved my senses. As much as I like a beet salad, I have become bored and unmoved by it’s constant one type of salad.
I enjoy the creative element of altering wonderful flavors by way of changing textures. Here I envisioned a gold beet panna cotta. A roasted gold beet puree, only slightly sweetened with honey and just a small touch of cream to calm the slight bitterness and round out the taste. Last but not least, just enough gelatin to make it creamy.
I opted to leave out the usual cheese accompanyment and went for a jasmine rice mousse instead. It was a nice choice. Then I finalized the flavors with a Champagne thyme vinaigrette, Blis maple syrup drops, hazelnuts, Volcano salt, micro beet, chard and shiso greens. At the end of the day, just another salad but with the textural twist to bring the diner an unexpected smile and experience..

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