London Design Festival

From September 24-26th, I was part of an event in combination with Europe’s top designers. The concept was simple, we created a pop up restaurant in the form of a dessert bar. I created a series of desserts based on emotions, using colors, music, nature, etc as a basis of inspiration thus amplifying the sense of a deliberate emotion.

It was held at the glorious Somerset House, in the “Salt Room”. Once you purchased a ticket and attended, you were to pick a dessert based on an emotion, Chocolate drug to signify addiction or Love Fragments to signify love. After the dessert you were presented with another dessert that was the emotional opposite of the one you chose. Velvet tenderness was served to the chocolate drug user and Frozen Despair went to the Love Fragments eater.

So what was the verdict? Everyone went crazy, from food writers like Nick Lander to Vogue editors, they loved the idea and referred to it as a fresh and substantial change in the way we eat and look at eating. The application of using pieces like the “Foreplay Orb” by Katja Bremkamp and Glass with a spoon handle by Andreas Fabian, made this quite unique.

Because of this, we now have key players trying to get us in Design Miami in December but time may not be on our side..We will have to cross our fingers and see.

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**Special Thank You to Amedei Chocolates and Boiron Fruit Purees for Sponsoring me at this event. Your Products are the Best!!**